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Posterous launches “How do I ..”, a really helpful help section

In Posterous on November 5, 2010 by Arno Tagged:

How do I on Posterous

Well, after overhauling its help section recently, Posterous now comes with “How do I ..”. It is like a help section, but much better.

With “How do I” Posterous is doing exactly what this blog wants to do; giving clear step-by-step instructions for getting the most of your blogs.

This is a great service from Posterous. Lets just hope they can keep up their promise of weekly updating.



Workaround: Saving a draft on Posterous

In Posterous on October 15, 2010 by Arno Tagged: ,

Posterous is great for blogging, but somehow they managed to completely overlook the need to add “save as draft” functionality to their web editor.

Their focus on mail is probably the reason for this. The Posterous work-flow is that you post by mail, and only use the web editor to fix some typo’s and grammar.

But a lot of people just want to use the web editor for blogging. And in that scenario, just want to be able to save your work as a draft, just like you would when writing an e-mail.

But as the title of this post already gave away, there is a workaround for saving your work as draft.

  1. In the web editor, go to the post options tab
  2. Select “Mark this post as private”

    Mark this post as private

  3. Hit “Publish”!


That’s it.

The downside is you get a wonky url and off course date en time are from the moment you published, which is probably not what you want. Usually, when I feel the post is fit to publish I just copy the entire post and make a brand new one and publish that one. The draft I delete.

So not perfect by far, but it works, and that is what workarounds are all about, right? 😉


Adding sites to your Posterous profile without autoposting

In Posterous on October 8, 2010 by Arno Tagged: , ,

Posterous lets you connect with other services (like Facebook and Twitter) to your blog for autoposting.

added sites for autoposting on Posterous

The services you add, are also shown on your blog and your profile page (see image on the right). This is cool, because you probably want to point your visitors to other things you do on the web.

In some cases however, you may just want a link to other services but not autopost there.

For instance, say you are using Posterous to share funny and interesting video’s. You would like people to notice and visit your LinkendIn profile, but might not want to autopost everything to the network site.

If so, there is nice little workaround for the settings for autoposting that lets you achieve this:

  1. Go to Manage my account and visit the autopost section
  2. Select the site you want to change the autopost settings for and click on “Make Changes”edit service on Posterous


  3. Select the service you like to change settings for by hovering over and clicking on “Posts by”
  4. Last step, choose “No one”

    Edit Posts by for autoposting on Posterous




All set! This way you can have a whole set of links to everything you do on the internet without autoposting everywhere.

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