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Embedding Tweets made easy on

In, on November 5, 2010 by Arno Tagged: , , ,

This is a great new feature on embedding Tweets on your blog. Easy.

Just grab the url from an individual Tweet and paste it on a line by itself ad the result looks like this:

The cool thing about this new feature is that it gives you the full content of the original Tweet, with a username linking to the profile pages, hashtags linking to search pages and additional info like the timestamp, the Twitter cliënt used. You can also immediately retweet the embedded Tweet.

If you are on a self-hosted, you can use the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin, which was modified for this new feature on



WordPress launches special app for Nokia

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Thought Automattic were only thinking about Apple’s iPhone and Ipad? Well, don’t, because here is WordPress for Nokia.

Available now from the OVI store, the app offers great functionality to work on your and self-hosted blogs.

WordPress for Nokia offers more functionality than its cousin for Apple’s iOS, as it comes with text formatting (bold, italic, blockquotes, etc) and supports WP stats.


New WordPress theme: zBench

In, on October 27, 2010 by Arno Tagged:

A new day, a new WordPress theme. After releasing New Grunge yesterday, the release for today is called zBench.

“Today’s new, feature-packed Theme has a really polished design that can give your blog a more technical look—without appearing too cold.”

It is a feature-packed theme, with custom background images and colors, custom header image, bonus widget areas in your site footer, custom menus with beautiful drop-down effects and alternate layouts.

zBench options

For, look for New Grunge under themes in the admin.

For those of you with self-hosted blogs, you can download the new theme from the theme directory.


WordPress releases new theme: Elegant Grunge

In, on October 26, 2010 by Arno Tagged:

Yet another new theme released by WordPress: Elegant Grunge.

“With a touch of faded grunge the design gives your site a textured, hand-made look while remaining crisply artistic and structured.”

The theme – widget-ready footer – comes with four theme layout options, including a full width layout.

For, look for New Grunge under themes in the admin.

For those of you with self-hosted blogs, you can download the new theme from the theme directory.


Why I abandoned self-hosted WordPress and returned to the mothership

In, on October 6, 2010 by Arno

Here is a question a lot of WordPress-bloggers ask themselves sooner or later: do I go self-hosted with WordPress or choose for blogging on

I asked myself this question just a few weeks ago and choose the latter for my blog on cricket –

Most WordPress-bloggers probably take the reverse route – going from .com to .org – but this blog had always been a self-hosted WordPress-blog.

I migrated it to for the following reasons.

1. Hassle free

Self-hosted WordPress has a lot to offer that you won’t get blogging on But I found those extras to be maintenance mostly.

To me, there always seemed to be an upgrade for either WordPress (10 upgrades in one year counting from august 2009 till now), plugins or themes that I hadn’t done yet.

Call me lazy, but I don’t like the hassle. Doing upgrades is like doing the dishes. And I’ve got a machine to take care of that job.

On, you don’t have to worry about upgrades. Everything is done for you. Here, I can just sit back and relax instead of planning another round of upgrading.

And since migrating a month ago, I have enjoyed two upgrades to the stats-section without doing a single thing. Nice.

2. Less options

By switching to I have limited myself and it feels great. This one might sound odd at first, but I really find the restrictions quite liberating.

With a self-hosted blog you can literally do whatever you want. In my case, this meant constantly tweaking the look and feel and workings of the site, while I should have been focusing on writing good posts.

On the range of options is limited, which suites me just fine.

I understand the fun in tweaking a site, but like with keeping up with upgrades, it just costs me to much – valuable – spare time. Time I rather spend writing.

3. A great community

Blogging is all about readers. You want others to read your work and have them comment on it. But how do they find you?

I found switching to makes it easier for others to find your blog. Whether its through the dashboard, tag pages, freshly pressed or the list with related posts.

There is such a big community out on and it will get you visitors that wouldn’t have seen your blog if it were self hosted.

4. Free of charge

Not the most important reason for me to switch, but not completely irrelevant either. offers great blogging software that I would be happy to pay for, as I did for hosting, but paying absolutely nothing makes it even better 🙂

Happy now?

Oh yes! I’m happy not having to bother about updates and maintenance and just being busy with blogging.

I feel I can focus on my ‘core business’ now. So much in fact, I started a second blog – you’re reading it now! 😉 – on

How about you? Ever feel bugged down by all the technical issues and work on your self-hosted blog?

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