Workaround: Saving a draft on Posterous

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Posterous is great for blogging, but somehow they managed to completely overlook the need to add “save as draft” functionality to their web editor.

Their focus on mail is probably the reason for this. The Posterous work-flow is that you post by mail, and only use the web editor to fix some typo’s and grammar.

But a lot of people just want to use the web editor for blogging. And in that scenario, just want to be able to save your work as a draft, just like you would when writing an e-mail.

But as the title of this post already gave away, there is a workaround for saving your work as draft.

  1. In the web editor, go to the post options tab
  2. Select “Mark this post as private”

    Mark this post as private

  3. Hit “Publish”!


That’s it.

The downside is you get a wonky url and off course date en time are from the moment you published, which is probably not what you want. Usually, when I feel the post is fit to publish I just copy the entire post and make a brand new one and publish that one. The draft I delete.

So not perfect by far, but it works, and that is what workarounds are all about, right? 😉


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