Embedding Tweets made easy on

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This is a great new feature on embedding Tweets on your blog. Easy.

Just grab the url from an individual Tweet and paste it on a line by itself ad the result looks like this:

The cool thing about this new feature is that it gives you the full content of the original Tweet, with a username linking to the profile pages, hashtags linking to search pages and additional info like the timestamp, the Twitter cliënt used. You can also immediately retweet the embedded Tweet.

If you are on a self-hosted, you can use the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin, which was modified for this new feature on



Posterous launches “How do I ..”, a really helpful help section

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How do I on Posterous

Well, after overhauling its help section recently, Posterous now comes with “How do I ..”. It is like a help section, but much better.

With “How do I” Posterous is doing exactly what this blog wants to do; giving clear step-by-step instructions for getting the most of your blogs.

This is a great service from Posterous. Lets just hope they can keep up their promise of weekly updating.


WordPress launches special app for Nokia

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Thought Automattic were only thinking about Apple’s iPhone and Ipad? Well, don’t, because here is WordPress for Nokia.

Available now from the OVI store, the app offers great functionality to work on your and self-hosted blogs.

WordPress for Nokia offers more functionality than its cousin for Apple’s iOS, as it comes with text formatting (bold, italic, blockquotes, etc) and supports WP stats.


7 new Posterous themes

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Posterous added seven themes to its themes library. All themes – including two which are perfect for a photo blog –  are designed by Cory Watilo, who has done theming for Posterous before.

You can check out the new themes out on the Posterous blog.


New WordPress theme: zBench

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A new day, a new WordPress theme. After releasing New Grunge yesterday, the release for today is called zBench.

“Today’s new, feature-packed Theme has a really polished design that can give your blog a more technical look—without appearing too cold.”

It is a feature-packed theme, with custom background images and colors, custom header image, bonus widget areas in your site footer, custom menus with beautiful drop-down effects and alternate layouts.

zBench options

For, look for New Grunge under themes in the admin.

For those of you with self-hosted blogs, you can download the new theme from the theme directory.


Now finally on Posterous: saving your work as drafts

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It was likely to be the biggest annoyance for users of Posterous; not being able to save your work as a draft. No longer though, because Posterous finally added this option to its web editor:

“Posting isn’t always spontaneous and wireless connections can be wonky. Today, we’re releasing drafts so you can save your work for later and prevent lost posts.

save as draft in Posterous




After saving a draft and hitting the Cancel button – your browser’s back button will work just fine too – your draft will appear in your list of posts appended with a ‘- draft’ label.”

This is good, because it means you no longer have to use this rather tiresome workaround any longer. 🙂


WordPress releases new theme: Elegant Grunge

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Yet another new theme released by WordPress: Elegant Grunge.

“With a touch of faded grunge the design gives your site a textured, hand-made look while remaining crisply artistic and structured.”

The theme – widget-ready footer – comes with four theme layout options, including a full width layout.

For, look for New Grunge under themes in the admin.

For those of you with self-hosted blogs, you can download the new theme from the theme directory.

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